September 2018

Nadina Pascariu Gallery – galerie de artist


Pe 28 iunie a avut loc inaugurarea unei noi galerii bucureştene: Nadina Pascariu Gallery. Au participat la deschidere prof. univ. dr. Petru Lucaci şi dintre artiştii galeriei, Nadina Pascariu şi Daniel Pop, cu lucrări de pictură acompaniate de saz.
Nadina Pascariu Gallery este un spaţiu (fizic şi virtual totodată) al artei […]

June 2017

When a Studio Becomes a Gallery

It really becomes what it has always been: a place where the artist not only creates but where the art collectors can come and see his works and buy them.

The Gallery is the commercial part and the tip of the iceberg in this whole art affair. Nevertheless, it is an […]