Nadina Pascariu


was the name of a 2014 exhibition with what I was calling before “Studio with Everlastings” series of oil paintings, created between 2010-2013. The idea of this series came to me after having painted various still lifes with flowers that I gathered at the end of the year 2010 in an exhibition called “With Flowers” which in Romanian was “Cu flori” – cutting the letter “f” it remains “culori”, the Romanian word for “colors” – shortly, one of the pretexts for painting them. I kept some Everlastings in my studio afterwards and this was a presence that was discreetly changing some aspects of my workspace. I was seeing the flowers otherwise than when they were the main subject and this seemed to me interesting – to have them only as some kind of filters. It was a perception that allowed me to expand with all sorts of compositions, thanks to only one restriction, this leitmotif: some dry, very patient flowers.

Here you can see some photos from the opening, the 6th of March 2014, published on Modernism magazine

A relevant understanding from a well known Romanian art critic that I appreciate, Pavel Şuşară, can be read on my Reviews page.