desen varabimi


Part of the illustration for a book of poems by Hatikva Pascal.
Until the selection is done and the publisher found, this is a work in progress.

“(Nothing) but a Secret Boulder”

  • the poet sees herself when she was a child and what she was meant to become seemed to be something totally different from herself – the sadness, the moon, the birds that she hoped she could be alike, being very happy; but becoming a bird she forgets happiness and now she perceives happiness outside herself as some other girl… but then she acknowledges it is herself that girl, not outside, not someone else. Something like a temporal Escher.
“Lost Food”

  • this is an imitation of a Devis Grebu drawing, changing its sense in accordance with the poem who talks about Hatikva’s farewell to Devis.

  • as the poem is a word game, the image itself plays with the double meaning of the title, passing from the “Day of Rest”, a priest’s sleep, to the witches’ celebration, his nightmare with demons – like in Goya’s Sleep of Reason.
…and many others

  • poems should be read, not explained, but these are harder to be translated because the sound of the words, the word games and the invented words are an essential part of this book (beginning from the title).